Listening Prayer Ministry (LPM)

The Listening Prayer Ministry model is simply to facilitate intimacy with God – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit – through direct dialogue with the “Wonderful Counselor”. It is encountering God Himself that fundamentally changes us and these simple and easily reproducible tools provide a way for us to invite Him to help us overcome lies and wounds that hinder the life-transforming intimacy with Him that we were created for. This is recommended for those in need of spiritual encouragement, those being raised up into leadership, depression or grieving due to loss, a specific bondage or recurrent painful emotion, or other similar trauma.


Ministry for Sexual Addiction and Pornography

As a community, we are committed to supporting men and their wives who are affected by sexual addiction and pornography as they journey toward freedom in a safe, grace-filled, specialized context. Small, confidential groups provide safe places to seek healing, find support, get accountability, and process feelings and thoughts related to your addiction. These groups are ongoing and can be joined at any time.

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Equipping for Marriage and Parenting

As a community, we are committed to strengthening families and equipping husbands, wives and parents in their lives together. These classes will take a variety of focuses based on particular needs and seasons of life, but all focused on helping reach the heart.

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